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Tokyo 2020: thank you all!

Regarding the Tokyo Olympic Games, as far as I'm concerned, we are at the end credits. A crescendo of emotions that had its climax with the bronze medal in the 100 butterfly and that has generated a long wave that doesn't stop. The Olympic adventure, in addition to the fantastic athletic satisfaction that I experienced, was also an intense period for the atmosphere that I breathed in the Olympic village, in which we could all move freely (within the limits of the anti-COVID measures), which allowed me to find swimmers and athletes I already knew and to meet new ones, with whom I shared this unique and extraordinary event.
Now it's time to look forward: vacations at the beach with my family, the departure for the United States and the beginning of another athletic, academic and personal adventure at North Carolina State University, which I hope will be just as exciting and rewarding.
At this moment, I sincerely feel the need to pause and thank everyone: my family (mom, dad and my sister Asia) who have always supported me in sharing choices, sports and life, and helping me to carry them out; my coaches Massimo Meloni and Andrea Mercuri, who with great professionalism, humanity and friendship have brought me, in the last two years, to enter the elite of world swimming; all the previous coaches, who made me grow in swimming and in life; the strength coach Alessandro Mancini, who has been collaborating with Massimo for years and who helped me to grow as an athlete; my physiotherapist, since more than ten years, Stefano Grosjean, who knows every muscle of me... and also some thoughts and emotions; my osteopath Lorenzo Simona, who in the last 18 months has followed me with competence, passion and participation; my sport psychologist Giona Morinini, also an essential element in the puzzle that makes up my Team. A thank you also goes to ma club Nuoto Sport Locarno, to Swiss aquatics, to those who helped me financially and, above all, to all those who follow me with passion and who showed me esteem and affection through messages, phone calls, visits and, in particular, with their warm presence in welcoming me back from these wonderful Olympics.

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