Melbourne, december 13th.18th, Short Course World Championships.

 Photo, Patrick B. Kraemer, magicpbk



10/07/2022, 13:36

Back on the road to Rome

During this week I have gradually been able to resume training. The goal is to try to make up for the time lost due to the forced stop caused by Covid-19. As always, I will do everything I can, given what has...   altro

28/06/2022, 10:04

Tested positive for COVID

After the great adventure of the World Championships in Budapest, I arrived home very tired late Sunday night. On Monday morning, when I woke up, I found myself with a sore throat and a slight fever. I tested...   altro

26/06/2022, 09:45

First World (long course), two finals, two swissrecords and a wooden medals

I was missing something in the end, but that only made mee more determined to come home and start working again for my next goals! I wanna thank everyone who supported me during this week: your support means a...   altro

06/06/2022, 20:32

Road to Budapest...

With the 50-meter butterfly race held Saturday at the Castello Meeting in Bellinzona, the period of competitions in preparation for the World Championships in Budapest comes to an end. After Marseille in March...   altro

28/03/2022, 21:39

Swiss Championships, long course, Uster, March 23/27-2022

The Swiss LC championships, held in Uster over the last five days, have come to an end. I am very satisfied with the results and, above all, with the times I have achieved at this time of year. They confirm...   altro

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Sion, Swiss Swimming Championships, 18 / 20 - 11 - 2022
Last race before World Champs. I'll compete in 50, 100 and 200 butterfly.   altro
Melbourne (Australia), Fina World Championships, short course
Stay tuned...   altro

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