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24/03/2021, 20:40

Marseille, Meeting de la Méditerranée, Golden Tour Camille Muffat

As some of you may have learned from the media, which have reported a few snippets of news, last weekend (Friday to Sunday) I participated in Marseille at the Meeting de la Méditerranée, the second and final...   altro

21/12/2020, 11:35

Swiss Aquatics Winter Challenge - Uster

On Friday and Saturday (December 18th and 19th) I participated in one last competition for 2020. In Uster, I competed in the unusual (for me) 100 freestyle and 200 freestyle. This resulted in two personal...   altro

07/12/2020, 16:50

Rotterdam Qualification Meet: three crazy days

Coming back after almost a year to international competition in the long course was the first reason to be happy to participate in the Rotterdam Qualification Meet. To be able to meet swimmers from all over...   altro

16/11/2020, 21:47

Swiss Championships short course.

Wow!! Feels good to be back racing! This year has been very complicated and different for everyone. I missed racing a lot and sometimes the motivation in training wasn’t 100% because all the competitions that...   altro

09/11/2020, 18:49

Best youth athlete in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland (Ticino)

For the third consecutive year I was elected "Best young athlete in Ticino". I would like to thank Aiuto sport Ticino, RSI and all those who voted for me through the popular vote, as well as the technical...   altro

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Swiss short course Championships, Sursee
Stay tuned...   altro
Abu Dhabi, Word Championships Short Course.
Back with the Swiss national team after a stint competing with my university in the USA.   altro
CIG - Challenge International Genève
Stay tuned...   altro