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Swiss Championships, long course, Uster, 7/11 April 2021

The Swiss Championships in long course are now behind us. As I have often had the opportunity to say, for me this year they were a test of my preparation for the European Championships in May in Budapest and, of course, the Olympics in Tokyo. The 4 Swiss titles (50, 100, 200 butterfly and 800 freestyle), the silver in the 200 IM and the bronze with the NSL in the 4 x 200 freestyle are results that certainly make me happy, but they still need to be seen in the path of preparation to the most important events of this season, without excessive hype. Even the Swiss record of Friday in the 800 freestyle, a discipline and distance for me definitely unusual, is simply a pleasant surprise; in view of Budapest, much more indicative is the 51.70 obtained on Saturday morning in the qualifications of the 100 fly, time once again below the limit for qualification for the Olympics, which takes on even greater significance if we consider the stage of the preparation and the many challenging races played in the previous days. In any case, it is important for me to look ahead: in the immediate future I will have 25 days of intense training in Lanzarote, where I will refine my preparation for the European Championships, for which my main goal is to reach a final, without however underestimating the presence of many strong opponents. In order to achieve this goal, which is not to be taken for granted, I will have to at least confirm the times obtained in Rotterdam in December; then, once in the final, I will try to improve myself even more and to fight against the others.

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