Venice, with my family, the view from a rooftop, near the Rialto bridge, 16-04-2022.



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Hi everyone,
On this social media you probably saw my arrival at NC State and the warm welcome I received from my teammates and coaches.
Notwithstanding, in recent weeks I have encountered some difficulties that have its roots partially in these last crazy months. With the fantastic medal won in Tokyo, my life has radically changed abruptly. I am still Noè, with my values and my affections, but it is undeniable that I experienced an acceleration from zero to one hundred in less than a second, without even having the time to realize it. Upon my return to Switzerland and Ticino, I was greeted by the enthusiasm and warmth of my family, of all of you, of the media, and also by a multitude of people who until recently probably didn't even know who I was, but who were passionate about my Olympic adventures. In between interviews, celebrations and official receptions, I found myself packing my bags for my move to North Carolina and, almost without realizing I had boarded a plane, I arrived at NC State University, in Raleigh. All without a moment's pause or break and without really having time to process what has happened to me and is still happening to me. In this month in the US, more than trying to understand what had happened, I had to start getting to know a lot of people and an environment inevitably different from my own, start university courses and a new path in competitive swimming, with new teammates and coaches, who tried to welcome me in the best possible way. In the last few weeks, an increasingly evident fatigue began to surface in me, especially from a mental point of view, which created, and still creates, several problems in the management of daily life. As I have always done until now, I began to talk about it with my family and with the members of my staff in Switzerland, with whom I have always confided. I have also discussed it with my coaches at NC State, who understand my struggles. They all agree that in order for me to train profitably and get the results we all expect, it is crucial that I feel good physically, but more importantly mentally. Thanks to these conversations, in which we tried to analyze possible paths to take that could help me acquire greater serenity, I came to the conclusion that for me, at this time, it is necessary to return to the home base and to my loved ones and to my familiar milieu. I am still of the opinion that the decision to move to the States, at the time I took it, was the best possible; but in the meantime the bronze medal at the Olympics has literally changed my life and my perspectives; moreover, the time between the beautiful adventure of Tokyo and the new big change caused by the move to Raleigh was for me, with hindsight, too short, in relation to the strong emotions experienced and not yet digested. Therefore, as I have serenely decided to fly to North Carolina, I have also serenely resolved, together with the people who are close to me, to return to Ticino, where I will resume training with Massimo Meloni and Andrea Mercuri, followed as always by the other members of my team. The main objectives of the season will remain more or less the same and in the coming months I will evaluate again the opportunities to study in Ticino, aware that this may mean having to accept to take a longer time to graduate.
I will keep you informed and as always I thank you with all my heart for being constantly close to me. Sincere thanks also go out to all those who have welcomed me to NC State University.
Thank you!

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