Melbourne, december 13th.18th, Short Course World Championships.

 Photo, Patrick B. Kraemer, magicpbk


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Berlin, FINA World Cup, 21 / 23 - 10 - 2022

My first participation in a FINA World Cup leg has also come to an end. As I have already had the opportunity to state, the balance is more than positive: beyond the three finals I competed in the three competitions in which I was entered - complete with two second places (100 and 200 butterfly) and a sixth place in a race (the 200 freestyle) that I had not competed in a short course since Glasgow 2019 - the most positive indications come from the times I set, especially considering the point of the season, with heavy training loads and work that is aimed at the World Short Course Championships in Melbourne, scheduled for mid-December. Precisely for these reasons, the Swiss record in the 100 butterfly (49.38) came unexpectedly, as it went to improve on my previous record, which I had achieved at the Abu Dhabi 2021 World Championships, where I had certainly arrived in good shape. Now I will have to focus on training between now and Australia, with the goal of arriving in top condition to measure myself against the strong competition that will be present in Melbourne. Before then, I will only compete in two training events: in Bolzano, Nov. 5 and 6, and at the Swiss Short Course Championships in Sion, Nov. 15-18. Competing not too much and relatively close to home means more time for training, recovery - and studies.

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Sion, Swiss Swimming Championships, 18 / 20 - 11 - 2022
Last race before World Champs. I'll compete in 50, 100 and 200 butterfly.   altro
Melbourne (Australia), Fina World Championships, short course
Stay tuned...   altro

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