Melbourne, december 13th.18th, Short Course World Championships.

 Photo, Patrick B. Kraemer, magicpbk


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Melbourne, World Short Course Championships, december 13th - 18th, 2022

The 2022 World Short Course Championships in Melbourne is now behind us. As always after an important competition, here I am to draw a final evaluation. I started with a definitely remarkable performance in the 50 butterfly, in which I reached the second step on the podium with a time under 22 seconds, very close to the world record. The next day I immediately had to face the 200 butterfly, where I won a bronze, again with the Swiss record: perhaps it was possible to do even better, but I am still satisfied with the medal and the further improvements in chronometric terms. Finally, I tackled the 100 butterfly; I made it to the final after a good semifinal and, above all, after swimming a 48.81 in the battery with great ease and fluency, which places me sixth in the all-time world ranking. Unfortunately, something was missing in the final and I only came close to the podium. However, this small disappointment is definitely mitigated by the overall performance that confirmed me at the top of the world rankings in my favorite style, showing a general improvement since the 2021 World Championships in Abu Dhabi. I am now looking forward to resume the preparation for the long-course events, which will culminate this year with the world championships in Fukuoka in July. First of all, however, I will stay two more weeks in Australia, enjoying a vacation period that will take me to visit part of this beautiful nation. Happy holidays to all and thank you for the closeness and warmth you show me at every opportunity!

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Sion, Swiss Swimming Championships, 18 / 20 - 11 - 2022
Last race before World Champs. I'll compete in 50, 100 and 200 butterfly.   altro
Melbourne (Australia), Fina World Championships, short course
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